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    Flipbook WordPress Plugin Diamond - Last Update 24 May 2022

    PDF TO FLIPBOOK You can create a book directly from the PDF file. Pdf file is automatically converted to jpg files. See here video tutorial. JPG TO FLIPBOOK You can upload all your pages at once – no need to add each page separately. See here video tutorial. MANUALLY ADDING PAGES You can also...
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    PDF viewer for WordPress - Last Update 23 June 2022 DF Viewer for WordPress is the best selling premium...
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    WooCommerce Advanced Bulk Edit Latest Version 5.1 – May 3, 2022 Easily create discounts in bulk, product variations, change stock, edit attributes, change product image in your WooCommerce store. Products and variations are displayed...
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    v1.6-v1.7 Orders (CSV, Excel) Export PRO Module

    Ok, this is the mypresta module export I was looking for, thanks for sharing.
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    v1.6-v1.7 NVN Export orders

    very nice module, thanks for sharing, will test it soon...
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    V1.7 Order Manager – Edit, delete, export, quick view & more LATEST 2.4.4

    Thanks, looks the module I'm lookin for!
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    V1.7 Akira Elementor - Multipurpose Prestashop 1.7 Theme v2.3.9

    Thank you very much. Keep up the good work!
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    V1.7 Alysum Prestashop Elementor Theme v7.5.0 + Google AMP

    Grazie mille per l'ultimo aggiornamento
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    V1.7 Alysum Premium Theme v.7.4.0 - Latest Version 21-02-2022

    Grazie mille per il tuo lavoro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    V1.7 Theme World Footwear latest version

    many thanks for share this, have a nice day
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    v1.6-v1.7 Template SmartShop - Super Market Multipurpose Store

    Thank you bro it is very good contribution :)
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    Store Manager for PrestaShop Professional Edition ver. - 11/13/20

    Grazie mille del tuo lavoro !!!!!!!!!
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    v1.6-v1.7 Redundant Image Cleaner Module 4.3.5

    grazie mille per il tuo lavoro !!!!!!!!!
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    V1.7 Google WebP Image Generator - 2022 Update

    ù!!!!!!!! ì!! ille per il tuo lavoro ! Grazi · Em
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    v1.6-v1.7 Prestashop Perfect Thumbnails last version

    grazie mille per il tuo lavoro !!!!!!!!!