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    What is the best theme for wordpress?

    I like Divi a lot, although it is more a theme builder. But it delivers a lot of prebuilt themes too.
  2. J

    Motion Design with Figma: Animations, Motion Graphics, UX/UI - Full Course

    Well that sound interesting for sure..
  3. J

    Adobe Master Collection CC 2022 v25.06.2022 Multilingual (x64)

    Thanks, i like that software a lot.
  4. J

    Hello I just registered there again

    I wish you good luck with your new account.
  5. J

    Will GTA VI be crackable? Rockstar games alleged to have new technology

    Well we have to see. It's a competition since decades between creators and guys cracking their protection. I am sure some groups will try to crack GTA VI, im curious how long their new technology will stand up.
  6. J

    Warcraft 3

    Used to play Warcraft 3 with my friends, when we met. Oh those days when we took our desktops to someones basement and stayed up all night sharing stuff and playing games.
  7. J

    COD4 is the best game

    Not sure if it is the best, but it was a nice one for sure.
  8. J

    Star Trek Voyager Elite Force I & II

    Star Trek Armada was also a nice one at its time. A third part would be so awesome.
  9. J

    WP Rocket v3.11.3 – WordPress Cache Plugin

    Thank you for sharing. This plugin is a nice one.
  10. J

    FREE 🎁 Massive UI/UX Graphic Designer's Tools and Tricks List

    This sounds nice, excited to have a look on it.
  11. J

    Star Trek Voyager Elite Force I & II

    Do you remember those games? Liked those games so much, still some of the better Trek games until today. Wished Elite Force III would happen.
  12. J


    it just like okayish i would say.
  13. J

    Divi Gallery Extended v1.2.0

    thanks for this one, works like a charm
  14. J

    Divi Supreme Pro v4.8.4.0 - Divi plugin for Wordpress

    Thank you for this one, makes life easier.
  15. J

    About NullCash System

    Not sure if this system really creates benefit, i fear this might increase irrelevevant content for people try to farm points. On the other side the idea that people should give something (useful) to the community is right.
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    Duplicator Pro - Site Migration & Backup Plugins For WordPress v4.0.5.1 Nulled

    This makes life so much easier, when migrating from testing environment.
  17. J

    Does anyone know a good VR Simulation Game?

    There is a VR-Mod for Alien Isolation, though i never could play it cause i have no vr headset. That must be great.
  18. J

    Warcraft 3

    Oh, i used to play it on lan parties with my friends. Was a lot of fun.
  19. J

    Divi Booster v3.8.0 – Divi Theme By Elegant Themes

    That's a nice one, thank you for this.
  20. J

    Divi Supreme Pro v4.8.39 – Custom And Creative Divi Modules

    Divi is a great builder, but those addons make it so much better. Thank you.