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  1. svitlo

    Out of stock Opencart 3x

    So this is it! Just a modifier and that's it...
  2. svitlo

    Impreza – WordPress Website and WooCommerce Builder

    What version of the template? Looking for the latest 8.12
  3. svitlo

    Backoffice Manager Pro Plugin osclass

    Thanks but this is a very old version now the current version is 1.5.2 can you update?
  4. svitlo

    SMS Notification and Verification Plugin Osclass Plugin v-1.6.5

    Это версия плагина 1.6.5 сейчас актуальна версия 1.6.8 можете обновить?
  5. svitlo

    OpenStreetMaps Osclass Plugin- latest version 1.5.3

    1.6.2 current version can update:?
  6. svitlo

    Theme for Osclass - Delta Osclass Theme v1.3.1

    Here is the latest version or here
  7. svitlo

    OpenStreetMaps Osclass Plugin- latest version 1.5.3

    Последняя версия 1.6.0 если у вас есть поделитесь пожалуйста!
  8. svitlo

    Responsive Slides Osclass Plugin

    Thank you very much What version of the plugin?
  9. svitlo

    Osclass plugin Ultimate Autoposting new

    This is Version: 1.1.0 do you have the latest version? 1.3.1? It is very necessary because the api of some networks have changed and do not work in this version.
  10. svitlo

    Theme for Osclass - Delta Osclass Theme v1.3.1

    А последней актуальной версии нету? Буду очень вам благодарен за версию 1.3.3
  11. svitlo

    Please share "Age Warning PRO Plugin"

    What is this plugin? Give me a link please.
  12. svitlo

    X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount)

    This is not the module that is written in the title! This is X-Shipping Pro module please publish also X-Fee/Discount Pro (Fee/Discount) module is very needed!
  13. svitlo

    Add-Ons Please share ! Voucher & Discount Osclass Plugin

    Yes, I don’t find this plugin on the network (it would be nice if someone has something to share!
  14. svitlo

    Can anyone have gamma theme for osclass? i need for 2022 update

    I am also looking for this pattern Latest current version 1.5.3
  15. svitlo

    Osclass gamma theme

    Do you have a newer version? Latest current version 1.5.3
  16. svitlo

    Gamma for Osclass Theme v102 / ★★★★★

    Do you have a newer version? Latest current version 1.5.3
  17. svitlo

    Add-Ons Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Plugin Version: 1.0.4 (Current-Latest)

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Plugin last faq Version: 1.0.4 Do you receive same questions from your customers again and again? Consider creating FAQ page, where you can answer frequently asked questions, save reasonable amount of time and improve user experience of your customers Frequently...
  18. svitlo

    Cache Osclass Plugin v1.2.2 (Current-Latest)

    Cache plugin for Osclass Classifieds generates static html files from your dynamic Osclass website. Basically without plugin when any page is rendered, php and mysql are used and osclass executes all required functions and queries to render website. This require server RAM and CPU and decrease...
  19. svitlo

    OSclass themes and OSclass plugins / ★★★★★

    Thanks for the recommendation really good resources! Do you have a plugin for creating an Android application?
  20. svitlo

    Another "21 plugins for new Osclass / ★★★

    thanks but it would be nice to specify the versions of the plugins. most of them are here on the forum only old versions. if these are duplicates, then what's the point of downloading?