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    v1.6-v1.7 module Cookiebot - Monitoring and control of cookies

    Nobody have this module?
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    v1.6-v1.7 EU Cookie Law GDPR (Banner + Blocker) 2021 [v.1.5.1] [UPDATE 11/11/2021]

    thank you for sharing this module 1641675561 Working perfect on 1.7 and 1.6
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    V1.7 (Request) Google My business reviews

    great idea :-)
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    V1.7 ets SEO Audit 2.4.2

    Thanks for sharing
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    PrestaShop vs Woocomerce

    Prestashop is better for more product than woocommerce for me.
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    Shopify or Prestashop?

    Why is better Prestashop for 100 products? Thanks
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    PrestaShop vs Woocomerce

    Prestashop is more for bigger shops. In woocommerce is worst administration. But is more modern than Prestashop.
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    v1.6-v1.7 One Page Supercheckout - Prestashop Addons v7.0.1

    This module cant recalculate Cash on delivery with fee for me in checkout. P.S: 1.7.6.
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    V1.7 The Checkout 3.3.3

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    V1.7 Presteam one page checkout PS

    Thank you
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    V1.7 (Request) Google My business reviews

    Or have anyone another Google My Bussiness Reviews for Prestashop. I cant find it on this forum. Thanks.
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    How Can I Null a Wordpress Plugin?

    But when i used on second website, author find out. You must update some code in plugin.
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    Nulled premium plugins for Wordpress

    Best cache plugin for wordpress. Very easy and fast.
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    V1.7 Google Shopping Feed in 3 min (Google Merchant Center) [v4.1.7]

    Thank you for this module.