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Oct 25, 2023
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*Release Date 8th April 2024*

* Enhancement - The Select2 escapeMarkup function can now be overridden when initializing a custom Select2
* Fix - “Hide on Screen” settings are now correctly applied when using conditionally loaded field groups
* Fix - Field names are no longer converted to lowercase when editing the name
* Fix - Field group titles will no longer convert HTML entities into their encoded form

By default, WordPress posts and pages have a limited set of data-input fields. But sometimes you need to collect and display more data than what is available. This is where Advanced Custom Fields comes in handy. Using this plugin, you can create new custom fields for your posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Visually create your Fields
  • Select from multiple input types (text, textarea, wysiwyg, image, file, page link, post object, relationship, select, checkbox, radio buttons, date picker, true / false, repeater, flexible content, gallery and more to come!)
  • Assign your fields to multiple edit pages (via custom location rules)
  • Easily load data through a simple and friendly API
  • Uses the native WordPress custom post type for ease of use and fast processing
  • Uses the native WordPress metadata for ease of use and fast processing
Use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to take full control of your edit screens & custom field data

Simple & Intuitive

Once installed, simply create a field group, add your fields and define the location rules. Presto! Your fields have appeared and are ready for data.

All about fields
With over 20 field types (free, premium and user submitted) to choose from, custom data management couldn’t be easier, or look any better!

Made for developers
At the core of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin is the simple and intuitive API. Use functions like get_field() and the_field() to quickly build powerful templates.

Q and A
The support forum is a community powered knowledge base of questions, solutions, bug reports, user submitted fields and code examples.

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is also available in a professional version which includes more fields, more functionality, and more flexibility! At the core of ACF PRO is a brand new version of ACF (version 5) which includes searchable drop downs, smarter and faster DB calls, improved UI and much much more!
  • Repeater - Create a set of sub fields which can be repeated again and again whilst editing content!
  • Gallery - Simple and intuitive interface for managing a collection of images.
  • Flexible Content - Define groups of sub fields and add, edit, and re-order them to create highly customised content!
  • Options pages - Add extra admin pages to edit ACF fields!
Plus all the awesome-ness in ACF v5!
  • Smarter field settings – ACF now saves its field settings as individual post objects
  • More AJAX – More fields use AJAX powered search to speed up page loading
  • Local JSON – New auto export to JSON feature improves speed
  • Better version control – New auto export to JSON feature allows field settings to be version controlled
  • Swapped XML for JSON – Import / Export now uses JSON in favour of XML
  • New Forms – Fields can now be mapped to comments, widgets and all user forms!
  • New oEmbed Field – A new field for embedding content has been added
  • Better Gallery Field – The gallery field has undergone a much needed facelift
  • New Settings – Field group settings have been added for label placement and instruction placement
  • Better Front End Formsacf_form() can now create a new post on submission
  • Better Validation – Form validation is now done via PHP + AJAX in favour of only JS
  • Better Relationship Field – New Relationship field setting for 'Filters' (Search, Post Type, Taxonomy)
  • Moving Fields – New field group functionality allows you to move a field between groups & parents
  • Better Page Link – New archives group in page_link field selection
  • Better Options Pages – New functions for options page allow creation of both parent and child menu pages
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