How To Pick The Best WooCommerce Mobile App?

Leo Parker

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Aug 19, 2019
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You might be shocked to learn that the WooCommerce plugin supports more than 25% of the world's online stores. The WooCommerce Mobile App Maker, the most popular eCommerce plug-in, making it easy to develop and maintain a live mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App store. Along with that, you can get plenty of features to help you with order management, inventory management, payments, shipping. KnowBand allows you to create WooCommerce Android and iOS apps on a native platform to help market your online business in the most effective way possible.

1. User Registration & Sign-in​

Every online company wants to simplify a customer's shopping experience. This feature of the WooCommerce Mobile App allows your customers to register on your mobile app in one step. Your customer can register into the eCommerce mobile app by using Email, Google, Facebook, Fingerprint and OTP options.

2. Product Filtering & Sorting​

The WooCommerce Mobile App has a feature that allows users to effortlessly filter and sort products according to their needs. Customers can sort products by their name, price, color, popularity, and new arrivals using your mobile app.

3. Smart Cart & Checkout​

Every customer who registers to your Mobile App for WooCommerce can add a number of products to his cart. The products added to your consumers will be shown at checkout. He can also change or modify the products while checking out.

4. Multiple Payment Gateways​

The WooCommerce Mobile App Creator lets your customers pay by several PayPal, credit and debit cards and net banking methods via your app. You can also include all website payment and shipping options to increase your customer trust.

5. Order History​

You can give your customers access to their current or previous order information, including their order ID, order prices, order placement date, payment status and order delivery conditions, to improve the shopping experience for their customers. The WooCommerce Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the customers to access the information on the "My Orders” area.

6. Personal User Account​

A customer makes additional efforts to remain loyal to companies with a personalized purchasing experience by WooCommerce Android App Builder. The WooCommerce iOS App provides a "My Profile" feature, allowing users to modify contact information and addresses. These are instantly reflected in your application when your customer updates its profile.

Wrapping up​

With a number of options on the market, we understand that selecting an option that best matches your needs can be a very hard task. KnowBand is undoubtedly a good option for companies seeking a general app-building solution. You can simply purchase the extension and start developing your own WooCommerce Mobile App.