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Jul 21, 2021
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WordPress XML Import. WordPress CSV Import. It's easy with WP All Import.​

People call WP All Import magical for a reason - it works with any XML or CSV file, imports images, and can easily import data to plugin and theme fields or anywhere else you need it.
  • Simple drag & drop interface
  • Run your import automatically on a schedule
  • Import image galleries, categories, custom fields, and more
  • Works with any file structure, no need to edit or reorganize data

Drag & drop even the most complex XML & CSV imports.​

Set up an import for all of your site's content in the time it takes to create a single post.

Import into any theme or plugin.​

Automatically detect custom fields and taxonomies no matter how they are added to WordPress. Setting up an import works just like manually creating a post.

Hassle-free images and galleries.​

Import images from any location into any theme or plugin. They can come from your computer, a server, FTP, or you can even intelligently match images already in WordPress.

Categories, tags, users, products, and literally everything else.​

The most powerful and complete XML and CSV import and export solution in WordPress. It doesn't matter how complicated you think your problem is, WP All Import will eat it for breakfast. Guaranteed.

Import new data into existing posts, automatically.​

Advanced algorithms to determine exactly which data to update and what to leave untouched. Run XML and CSV imports on a schedule and keep your content up to date automatically.

Featured packed, flexible, and dead-simple.​

Any File Type, Any File Structure​

No need to reorganize your data, just upload your file to WP All Import and it'll sort it out.

Complete Customization​

Granular control over every single piece of data. Think your import is too complicated? Think again.

Import Huge Amounts of Data​

It doesn't matter how big your site is or how much data you need to import, WP All Import can handle it.

Multilingual Imports with WPML​

Importing data to multilingual sites has never been easier, with support from the WPML team.

Not Just Posts, Everything​

Import and export WooCommerce products, orders, categories, real estate listings, image galleries, and more.

WooCommerce, ACF, Users, and More​

Import user data into any theme or plugin including WooCo customers, Toolset Types, membership plugins, etc.

Scheduled Imports​

Run imports automatically on a schedule. Subscribe to our point and click scheduling service, or set up cron jobs.

Developer Friendly​

Write and test PHP right inside WP All Import when setting up your import, with tons of snippets to get you started.


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